How Are You Shifting Your Energy Within?

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Around the world, individually and collectively, we are moving through deep transformation, for which I feel great hope and gratitude! To move through this cycle of transformation requires that we release the old that no longer serves to make space for the new!

Rather than allowing change to “happen to me”, I’m co-creating the change I want to see. Co-creating and manifesting the change I want to see and be, begins within!

“The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” – Marilyn Ferguson

3 Tools to Shift Energy Within

Visioning – “Visioning begins with a spiritual idea that there is planted within each and every one of us a powerful destiny. A powerful, unique way that the Universe wants to express itself. So instead of telling the Universe what we want, we instead ask a question. What is the Universe’s idea of my life? Visioning helps you discover what you are meant to do during the time you spend on this earth.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

Visioning is a deeply spiritual and sensory process that I use at the end of each year or quarter, and throughout the year that enables me to explore and enliven ideas, ideas that may ultimately become services, programs or events.

If you’d like to experience Visioning, I’m open to facilitate Visioning with you on a donation basis. Book time here:

Journaling – Journaling is a written record of thoughts and feelings. It is a daily exercise that can sometimes be considered positive self-talk. I journal each night writing my “gratitudes” for the day. Then I go to sleep with relative peace of mind and joy of spirit.

If you decide you’d like to begin or resume journaling, consider acquiring a beautiful notebook or journal with a special pen, specifically for daily journaling.

Mastermind – A Mastermind Group is designed to help individual members create a goal with a plan to achieve it. Members of the group encourage and hold one another accountable, and sometimes bring personal or family matters to the Mastermind as well. Over the years, I’ve belonged to several different Mastermind Groups. Currently I belong to one with other women entrepreneurs from Australia, Canada and the US; we really keep one another on track, offer resources and mutual support personally and professionally.

Although I feel “seasoned” in these processes, engaging in them generates a positive shift in my energy, focus and results, so that I’m not only renewed, I’m also re-committed to personal and planetary (r)evolution!

“Your results are the out-picturing of your thoughts and beliefs. Turn within affirming perfect justice, equanimity and balance. This helps you stay grounded in Truth while navigating a world gravely out of balance. Choose to be a beacon of light and balance.” – Harriet Tubman Wright

Who and What Are You Choosing to Be?

How Can I Better Support You?

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing additional resources soon!


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