Navigate Change with Greater Ease and Flow

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Maintaining Healthy Boundaries is essential to navigate change. This involves shifting our attitudes and behaviors so that rather than stressing out about change, we learn to embrace it or accept it with greater ease.

  1. Release worry about what you can’t control, such as technology, the traffic or your boss. 

    “I choose to be the good and do the best in all my interactions.” 

    When you shift your response, you shift your energy and can handle the situation from an empowered, positive place.

  2. Accept change as a positive opportunity, not as a threat. Look for the good in it. 

    “I embrace the opportunity to grow through each change in my life, so that I’m empowered and enriched.” 

    When you adopt this mindset, it frees you up to explore other options and create viable solutions.

  3. Waterfalls on RocksMaintain healthy boundaries by learning when and how to say “No”, “No thank you”, or “no, not at this time,” without guilt, shame or apology. 

    “I choose to maintain balance, flow and well-being by staying in my lane.” 

    When you learn how to maintain healthy boundaries, you will gain greater self-respect and the respect of your family members, friends and colleagues, plus navigate change in healthier ways.

  4. Rather than taking life so seriously, lighten up, feel the joy and learn to laugh at yourself. 

    “This too shall pass, so let me find joy and peace in this moment.” 

    Laughing elevates your mood, shifts the energy and makes you feel good.

Affirmations are a helpful tool to shift your thinking over time. However, true mastery of your mindset means uprooting negative and false beliefs programmed from childhood that are still influencing your thoughts, words and actions.  Replacing disempowering programming with BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Practices will keep you aligned, balanced and in the flow through the internal and external changes of life.


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