Are you frustrated with what’s occurring or not occurring in your world?

How would you rather be expressing your creative essence each day in your life?

Do you want to feel empowered to be the change you want to see?

  • What Kind of Future Do You Envision?
  • Can You Imagine a New World of Peace and Prosperity?
  • Are You Ready to Co-Lead the Revolution Toward Love, Light and Liberation?

If you’re ready and willing to be the change you want to see, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have talents, skills and creative essence to share for deep personal and collective transformation, you’re most welcome  here!

If you believe that (r)evolutionary feminine leadership is essential to heal humanity and the planet, join us now!

The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari for Success, has evolved from a focus on mature women practicing Self-Care to discovering their Soul’s Calling to engaging in Social Change. Given the frustration or chaos that you and others are currently experiencing along with planetary turmoil, I know that it’s time for Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership! 

Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership means: 

  • divine feminine qualities of birthing, tending, nurturing, cultivating, 
  • values of authenticity and equity, 
  • practices of co-creativity, cooperation, collaboration and community, 
  • a shared vision of relationship-building, sustainability and justice for the highest good of the whole. 

Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership is partnership and leadership that is life-affirming, equitable, and inclusive; that is 1) power with, not power over, and 2) people and the planet over profits. It evolves from intergenerational collaboration, through which diverse talents and skills are viewed as complementary and holistic.

Women have the capacity to take on soul-filled, soul-fueled positions of leadership, influence, and advocacy in our businesses, organizations, and communities to purposefully restore balance, harmony, order, justice, and peace throughout the world!


“Thank you Harriet for your willingness to shine the light of Truth into those dark places that so often conceal our true beauty, our real power, our higher selves.  Thank you for the offering of gifts that embody the richness of the divine goddess that you are!”

- Geneva Dalton, RScP


We are undergoing major transformation for which conscious, creative, spiritual women are ideally suited to co-lead the (r)evolution and help restore balance, order, harmony, peace and justice in the world.

For this reason, I created:

5 Essential Tools



A Spiritual Guide for Changemakers

The purpose of The Wright Resort Your Soul Safari to Success Spiritual Guide for Changemakers is to: 

  • activate your connection with conscious evolution, 
  • liberate your inner wisdom, and 
  • illuminate your soul’s purpose in a world undergoing a profound paradigm shift.

It is a rite of passage that strengthens your capacity to co-create, fulfill and manifest what your “soul” most desires and co-lead clients and colleagues through the paradigm shift that is now occurring on a personal and planetary level.

I’m ready to manifest what I most desire on a personal and planetary level!

“Before I had the VIP Private Intensive with Harriet, I was so stressed and out of control, pushing myself working almost 7 days a week in my business. Besides gaining more balance and fun in my life, the greatest gift was Harriet believing in me and helping me believe in myself and see what’s truly possible for me.”

- Linda Burke


“However, the most incredible outcome is that once I had officially resigned from my international employer, the very next week, an opportunity that perfectly fit my ‘brand’ and my unique brilliance came to me, out of the blue. Call on Harriet if you want to be reconnected to yourself, realigned with the universe, and attract its bounty.”
- Elizabeth D. Gibbons, Global Policy Strategist

Author, Sanctions in Haiti, Human Rights and Democracy under Assault

“Absolutely, positively, my work with Harriet laid the foundation, served as the inspiration/catalyst, set the stage for forward movement toward the development of a clear single vision and mission for my livelihood, my ministry and my life. Not only is the process supporting forward moving, but it lends itself to increasing Faith — in the process, in myself, and in my Source.”

- Angela L. Mack


It is my purpose and passion to liberate mature spiritual women entrepreneurs and changemakers like you to:

  • Use your talents, skills, and gifts to fulfill your Soul’s Calling
  • Express your passion and innate power with confidence and courage
  • Prosper doing what you most love as leaders to transform businesses, workplaces, communities, and the world.

In so doing we create a new paradigm of Feminine Presence and an enduring legacy of soulful contribution!

Again, Welcome to The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success, dedicated to (R)evolutionary Feminine Leadership.



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