Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership Course

Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership

is based on women expressing our innate feminine qualities of birthing, tending, nurturing, cultivating, protecting, creating, and harvesting; coupled with values of authenticity, soul essence, heart connection, mutual respect, and collaboration for the highest good of the whole. 

Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership is catalyzing our innate feminine qualities and collective power as spiritual women entrepreneurs, managers, metaphysicians, and changemakers to help heal humanity and the planet. In so doing, we activate a new paradigm of Feminine Presence, seeding an enduring legacy of conscious (r)evolutionary social change.

Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership is partnership and leadership that is life-affirming, equitable, and inclusive; that is 1) power with, not power over, and 2) people and the planet over profits. It evolves from intergenerational collaboration, through which diverse talents and skills are viewed as complementary and wholistic. Women have the capacity to take on soul-filled, soul-fueled positions of leadership, influence, and advocacy in our businesses, organizations, and communities to purposefully restore balance, harmony, order, justice, and peace throughout the world! 

The Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership Course is for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs, Managers, Changemakers who may already be engaged in social activism and want to successfully transform businesses, organizations, communities utilizing a (r)evolutionary feminine model of leadership.

The next cohort of The Wright Resort Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership Course will take place when 6 – 8 or more women express their interest and willingness to participate Wednesday mornings or evenings from March – Mid April 2023. I would love for you to join us!

Active participation in the course generates the following benefits:


  1. Uniquely Feminine Leadership Qualities and Strategies
  2. Lessons and Insights from Women (R)evolutionary Leaders Past and Present
  3. (R)evolutionary Leadership Blueprint and Action Plan Template
  4. Greater Confidence and Support as an (R)evolutionary Leader
  5. Capacity to Co-Create Positive Change within your Business, Organization, or Community
  6. Skills to Work Intergenerationally and Collaboratively with Other Women, Welcoming their Diverse Skills, Gifts, and Talents 

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