“Just as Harriet Tubman was called to free hundreds of people from the bondage of slavery, I am called to liberate women to transform their businesses, workplaces, communities and the world…and prosper doing so. As we attain sustainable balance and harmony between our inner and outer environments and experience deeper joy and peace within, we will evolve ourselves, the people we serve and our planet.” 

- Harriet Tubman Wright

The Wright Resort was initially created because I wanted a place to take care and be taken care of, a BodyMindSpirit Retreat Sanctuary where women like me could be free from worry, stress, and overwhelmed from family responsibilities or work that drained their energy and spirit. Therefore, a place to relax and learn self-care practices to restore health, well-being, and peace of mind.

Health and Well-Being include the freedom to follow your North Star, to fulfill your Soul’s Calling, dreams, and passions, the freedom to use your soul-aligned gifts to heal and transform others, which I do now as Director of The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success and your Guide to Be Fulfilled and Free!

  • How can I guide and support you?
  • Do you want to fulfill your Soul’s Calling?
  • Are you ready to be the change you want to see?

Who is Harriet Tubman Wright?

I’m a lifelong learner/teacher, spiritual sojourner and cultural creative who lives my values of freedom, justice, peace, healing, wholeness, community and service through my liberating engagement with others. As an initiated Elder and Priestess, it is essential to use our innate wisdom and power as conscious, spirited and creative women leaders to help heal humanity and the planet. In doing so, a new paradigm of Feminine Presence and an enduring legacy of (r)evolutionary social change is created.

For over 45 years, I helped hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives while working in community-based organizations, educational institutions, the public sector in the US and international agencies in Africa. I was fortunate to work in or visit half the countries throughout West, East and Southern Africa, including islands in the Indian Ocean.

For several years she pursued her dream to create The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, starting in 2006 to convene Healing Salons primarily for African American women. After retiring from the City of Oakland in early 2008, she transitioned to full-time operations, with services focused primarily on stress release and self-care, gradually expanding to include VIP Coaching, Public Speaking, Tele-Seminars, Empowerment Salons, and Spa Days.

The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success, is now dedicated to (R)evolutionary Feminine Leadership to evolve people and the planet.

“When I met Harriet, I was pushing myself for so long that I lost that nudge to practice *intentional* self-care. Sure, I had downtime but there’s a difference between intentional self-nurturing and just relaxing. Intentional self-care touches the spiritual level – an honoring of oneself on a deeper level. I realized that I needed to be gentler with myself and weave more moments in my life of activities I so enjoy doing. Often, those things get pushed to the side when we are focused on external projects.

Harriet listened intently and mirrored back what I had shared. I felt heard and supported by her kind and compassionate presence. Harriet also offered excellent insights and suggestions that helped me re-frame my perspective. I’m very glad and grateful to have brought these wisdoms ‘home’ while working with Harriet, who is a delightful and wise guide. And, I am also very grateful for another step forward on my journey.”

- Nancy Hall

“Harriet has a beautiful combination of characteristics. She’s a good listener, a perceptive questioner, and an active companion for change. Working with her makes me feel supported, and I know she will not let me get away with lying to myself or dragging my feet.”
- Adriana Diaz, MA, CPC Certified Professional Coach


Lessons Learned – A Spiritual Journey

Developing and managing The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success over the past 12 years has been a spiritual journey. I want to share some of the lessons and insights that have emerged and now inform the ways that I guide mature women entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and changemakers to fulfill their Soul’s Calling, so they can live healthy, purposeful and prosperous lives, doing what they most love to serve others; and sharing their soul-aligned gifts to transform organizations, businesses, communities and ultimately help heal humanity and the planet.

A Few Lessons:

  1. Be authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and loving with yourself and your clients.
  2. Be willing to stretch beyond comfort, familiarity and routine. Be willing to risk new learning, so that you can up-level your skill-set and offerings based on your increased capacity to “grow” your clients.
  3. Be clear about your expertise solving a specific problem that your ideal client is willing to invest in solving. Become recognized as an expert and authority for your unique brilliance.
  4. Be focused on breakthroughs and benefits that you facilitate for and with your ideal clients. Establish fees based on the “value” of the transformation that you facilitate; the methodology is secondary.
  5. Be willing to invest in a support team of paid and volunteer assistants who can handle routine, clerical or project-specific tasks that free you up to share your unique brilliance with clients.
  6. Be open to collaborating with partners whose client base is similar and skill set is complementary with yours, so that you create a win-win-win proposition that optimizes value to clients and revenues to you.
  7. Be vigilant about investing in and retaining a coach or mentor that keeps stretching and growing you, so that you excel beyond self-imposed limitations to be and do the best in service to yourself and your clients.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur, remember that the programs, products and services you provide your clients are as much for your own growth and liberation, as they are for the empowerment of your clients.


My creativity has invigorated me in BodyMindSpirit from childhood to elderhood, for which I’m most grateful. Over the years it’s taken the form of sewing, fashion modeling, modern dance, playing violin and creative writing.

Recently, I self-published my 3rd book of poetry; ALWAYS LOVE. In it you’ll see/experience 3 basic themes:

  • Spiritual/Metaphysical
  • Self-Care/Soul Calling
  • Social Change/Social Justice

May this offering activate, illuminate, elevate and liberate you in BodyMindSpiritSoul.

Deeper Within

The deeper I fell

the darker it became,

the stronger I grew

the lighter it became,

Stars illumined my soul…

and my heart knew again,

 All was well within…

©April 20, 2018

$15/copy, includes postage/mailing
$25 for 2 copies
$50 for 5 copies

Thank you and Enjoy!