Your soul has chosen your path. Follow the path of your soul. Be the compass and expression of your soul.”

- Harriet Tubman Wright

Guidance is:

  • Discovering new opportunities or possibilities
  • Solving problems and gaining insight
  • Fulling your dreams and desires

with the help of a teacher, coach or mentor who can guide you through the next steps of your journey. It may even be an ancestor or spirit guide who can help you see what you don’t see, help you understand or consider a different perspective. A guide leads or accompanies you through the next phase of your life path.

As your Guide, I’ll help you to

  • Activate your divine essence
  • Illuminate your soul purpose 
  • Liberate your inner wisdom
“I took another plunge by signing-up for Harriet’s Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coaching 3-Session Package, and dove deeper than I have ever done before! An unexpected healing came up for me. I am walking, talking and interacting more confidently and boldly and happily than ever before!!! Thank you Harriet!!!!”
- Katie Adler

Voice Over Artist, Tokyo, Japan,

Your Soul’s Calling

An important aspect of guiding spiritual women executives, entrepreneurs and changemakers is to help you discover or remember your Soul’s Calling.

If you have not discovered your Soul’s Calling or what you’re born to do, you may feel:

  • Stuck doing boring work that drains your energy and soul
  • Frustrated because your skills are under-utilized or talents overlooked  
  • Stressed by not living up to your full potential
  • Disheartened because you’re not expressing your true purpose or passion

Your Soul’s Calling is your true essence and divine purpose. It’s what lights you up and those with whom you interact. It energizes, motivates and sustains you.

Imagine the deep joy, gratitude and peace of mind you’ll feel as you begin to express your true essence, express your innate feminine power, fulfill your Soul’s Calling and thrive doing what you most love to serve others!

Ready to live your Soul’s Calling? I’ve prepared a journal called, “Are You Listening? Your Soul’s Calling.” It’s my gift to you. 

This journal will help you explore:

  • Your Soul’s Calling
  • Your Contribution to the World
  • Your Remarkable Legacy
  • Qualities of Feminine Leadership
  • What to Do Next

I’m ready to joyfully live my Soul’s Calling and thrive in my work with others!

Talk about value! Harriet’s ‘Are You Listening Journal’ is a steal. It’s more like a mini course packed with provocative questions and ideas to realign you with your soul. The section on Feminine Leadership helped me reconnect to myself as a mature woman and realize an exciting new market. Delighted that I did this work before moving on to the ‘VIP Visioning Session’ where we discussed my true essence and what needs to be expressed to the world through me. Now, that’s a wake-up call to action. Later, we completed a plan to make it happen. I felt a new sense of power and confidence.

Thank you Harriet for this gift.”

- Virginia B. Kleinrock, MS, APR

Communications Executive, Author, Writer, Presenter

However, you may already be living your Soul’s Calling…

  • Engaged in work that utilizes your unique gifts and creativity
  • Expressing mastery, passion and enthusiasm doing exactly what you were born to do
  • Thriving while making a meaningful contribution to the world

Yet conditions in your business, organization or community warrant another level of engagement and leadership. It’s time to step up, and your Soul says YES! However, you are seeking expert guidance to step into your next level of soul-fueled contribution.

Therefore, I’ve created the VIP VISIONING SESSION, a 60-minute call with me that enables you to experience:

  • Visioning Infinite Possibilities
  • Vibrant Illuminating Presence
  • Vitalizing Innovative Power

By the end of the VIP VISIONING SESSION, you’ll see new possibilities with clarity and confidence. You’ll feel energized with BodyMindSpirit tools and creative resources to step into a greater level of soulful expression, illumined from within!

Please schedule your VIP VISIONING SESSION for guidance and support now:


My unique Signature Success System deepens, strengthens and maximizes the transformative results that are achieved when working with me.

The spirit, quality, energy and tools that I bring empower you to live your Soul’s Calling, step into your creative power, and cultivate your soulful leadership. As a result, you will be more energized and effective doing what you most love serving others, and thriving in your organization, business, community and the world.

Support    Shift
Understand Yield
Clarify  Savor
Celebrate Thrive
Express    Excel
Strategize      Manifest

Together, we will:

  1. Uncover the source of your pain, frustration, stress, and discontent,
  2. Acknowledge the mental and emotional obstacles that block you from accepting your true purpose in life,
  3. Identify your innate talents, dreams, desires, and that which helps generate your joy,
  4. Discover/Remember your true essence, passion, purpose, and your Soul’s Calling,
  5. Clarify your assignment, that is, what you’re here to do, the role or task you’re to fulfill,
  6. Reinforce your strengths with tools, resources, connections and supports,
  7. Celebrate shining, soaring, thriving and prospering in your service to others.

Women with whom I’ve worked risked new livelihood possibilities and flourished; shifted lack and limitation thinking to a bountiful blessing mindset and prospered; incorporated stress release and self-care practices that enhanced their BodyMindSpiritSoul well-being and thrived. In addition, mature women that I’ve guided have been uplifted and resourced, developing clarity about their Soul’s Call-to-Action and their capacity to help co-lead a movement for freedom, justice, peace or environmental sustainability!

“Thank you – it was the money class that really “cracked me open” in SO many ways – it assisted in my growth and was LIFE-CHANGING. I learned life-changing beliefs that are creating the prosperity that I am experiencing and enjoying now. Harriet’s facilitation and guidance is in integrity and high-quality.”
- Tovi Scruggs, M.Ed.

Educational Leader, Consultant & Speaker

“I had no idea that it would be so powerful an experience. The techniques and tools I learned during the VIP Intensive will help me now and in the future. I would recommend it to anyone who is not sure regarding next move.”
- Deborah Wafer, MPH, CEO

DW Strategic Solutions, LLC