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Always Love

Blessed Black History MonthCharming Chinese New Year!Victorious Valentine’s Day Can you believe how quickly 2021 is moving forward…Already February, the shortest month of the year, yet a most significant one. During Blessed Black History Month, I’m sharing quotes from...

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New Year & Decade Blessings to You!

Kwanzaa Since the mid-70’s I have celebrated Kwanzaa, a cultural tradition created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966. Kwanzaa is a celebration of Family, Community and Culture that highlights Seven Principles from December 26 – January 1. Umoja -...

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For What Are You Grateful in 2020?

This is the harvest season.  Some of us are reaping the fruits of our efforts. Seeds that were planted at the beginning of the year, or maybe several years ago are producing.  What are your seeds producing? You’ve either nurtured the seeds or you have...

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Are You Seasoned for Change?

YOUR TIME IS NOW! It’s November and we’re still Moving through Mess! Or have we Made the Mess the Movement? Fortunately, some of us are creating the change we want to see! And doing the best we possibly can… Are you still feeling bombarded?Ready to get off the...

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Master How You Maneuver Your Journey!

Change is the operative word for 2020; resistance to it, going with the flow or co-creating it.

What has been or is your experience with change?
Do you feel like you have been tossed and turned about?
Are you consciously creating the change you want to experience?

Metaphysical Tools

Although I’m not an astrologer, numerologist, psychic or feng shui expert, I am a spiritual sojourner and choose to use different tools for guidance. These tools give me a different perspective on what’s happening in the cosmos: the planets, seasons, moon positions, etc.

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