A VIP VISIONING SESSION is designed for you if you believe that you are already living your Soul’s Calling, yet conditions in your organization, business or community warrant another level of engagement and leadership. You are called to step up and your Soul says YES. However, you seek expert guidance to step more fully into your Soul Essence and Expression and contribute in a more dynamic and transformative manner. 

To support and guide you, I’ve created the VIP VISIONING SESSION. It is a 60-minute phone or zoom call with me that enables you to experience:

  • Visioning Infinite Possibilities
  • Vibrant Illuminating Presence
  • Vitalizing Innovative Power

Benefit: The VIP VISIONING SESSION generates deeper passion to express your soul essence and excel in your innate creativity. It increases your capacity to heal and transform those with whom you work. This session precedes the Soul’s Calling VIP PRIVATE INTENSIVE.

“Your commitment matters! When you commit to your purpose with all your heart and soul, its remarkable that everything necessary to fulfill it is revealed.”

- Harriet Tubman Wright