Appreciating New Beginnings As Seasons Change

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Evolution, Inspire

Spring Blessings to you in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Greetings to Southern Hemisphere inhabitants! When seasons change, we do as well!

I’ve been thinking about my personal evolution and the ways its reflected in The Wright Resort; that is my initial focus on self-care to soul’s calling and now social change, with spirited creative women leading the radical transformation that’s necessary, in fact inevitable. Guiding women to step forward as leaders, visionaries, changemakers requires me to show up and play a bigger game.

Moving into the big leagues can trigger a range of emotions; excitement, nervous anticipation, fear or doubt, complete confidence and faith that you’re divinely directed, or sheer terror because there’s no guarantee that what unfolds will sustain you, lead to peace of mind or financial prosperity!

You may find yourself in a mind, heart and soul dilemma! Vacillating between the comfort zone of mediocrity or complacency and the challenge of new terrain. Then, as I recently did, start trippin’ about finances! This can show up as curtailing donations, making poor quality purchases instead of premium brand or organic food, sending late payments that incur fees, or what is called a “lack and limitation” mindset! Can you relate to what I’m saying? Or maybe, you know someone else wallowing in this kind of scenario…

Who To Be? What To Do?

Be Silent and Be Still. Acknowledge the funk; “this doesn’t feel good!” Be willing to shift your perspective and thereby change your energy. 

Pray. Meditate. Chant. Affirm your willingness to face and accept the Truth!

Begin reciting Affirmations with vigor, enthusiasm and conviction.

  • I Am Enough!
  • All My Needs Are Met!
  • I am Aligned, Balanced and Centered!
  • I am One with the Creative Power of the Universe!
  • I Appreciate Who I Am and Who I Am Becoming!
  • I am Divinely Guided, Supported and Protected!
  • I am Open to Highest Good Here and Now!

As you say these affirmations, notice how you feel. In what way is your energy shifting? Is there something different you want to think, feel or say?

One of the practices that I’ve found very helpful is listing my “Wins” at the end of the day, then expressing my gratitude for what I accomplished, created or completed!

Another is releasing and letting go of excess; especially things that I don’t use! This includes deleting old emails as consistently as possible. These practices make mental, emotional and physical space for greater good!

Other options you might want to consider:

  1. Tithe to your Spiritual Community 
  2. Donate to a Charity or Social Change Organization
  3. Join or Start a Mastermind or FACEBOOK Group to explore Money Mind-set
  4. Take a class on prosperity consciousness, wealth-building, investing.
  5. Work with a Money Coach, Financial Coach

If you want to begin this new season being more authentic, confident, empowered, prosperous, and you want support, just reply YES, I want to be prosperous in BodyMindSpiritSoul!

“When you say, “I can’t afford it”, you limit and stifle the creative process.
Instead, when you say, “how can I afford it?” it opens & shifts your consciousness to focus on solutions, possibilities & infinite creativity. You have the power to co-create all that you desire and deserve in life, simply by shifting your thoughts away from lack and limitation to bounty and blessing!”

– Harriet Tubman Wright