Are You Seasoned for Change?

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Inspire, Lifestyle


It’s November and we’re still Moving through Mess! Or have we Made the Mess the Movement? Fortunately, some of us are creating the change we want to see! And doing the best we possibly can…

  • Are you still feeling bombarded?
  • Ready to get off the grid?
  • Does the movement energize or unsettle you? 

The range of feelings is almost unfathomable; rage, disgust, joy, confusion, gratitude, hope and what else? Sometimes I experience all these feelings within 24 hours! What about you?

The astrologers, numerologists and psychics definitely promise significant shifts in the good, bad and ugly…that is depending on your perspective! To cope therefore, it’s important to:

  1. Be flexible and willing to adapt
  2. Take more time off and out
  3. Hang out in nature, especially in the forest or at the ocean
  4. Exercise your creativity
  5. Pray, meditate and chant every day!

Ending 2020 on a High Note!

What’s on your mind as you think about the last few weeks of this year? I really want to bring closure to some projects so as to make space to launch new ones!

However, I also want to be introspective, settling in with my journal and pen, or just kick back and see what emerges while I rest and relax. 

A Few Resources for your consideration:

Sisters from AARP –

Jazz – “Everything Must Change” composed by Bernard Ighner, recorded by my favorite George Benson & Rachelle Ferrell: and also Nina Simone, Arthur Prysock, Randy Crawford, others… 

“Based on Divine Guidance, Support and Protection, I know that with a clear vision, focused plan of action and soul-aligned action steps,  an organized group of committed individuals can transform the world; one family, one school, one business, one organization, one neighborhood, one city, one state and one region at a time, until a vibrant network of love, peace and justice envelops and sustains the planet.”

 – Harriet Tubman Wright

Take Good Care…I Welcome Your Comments, Questions…We’re in this together and we’ll triumph together as well!