Chaos to Clarity, Turmoil to Tranquility, Part 1

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Inspire, Lifestyle

“Clutter contains energy of contraction and stagnation. 

Order generates energy of expansion and circulation.”

-Harriet Tubman Wright

Our external environment is always a direct reflection of our internal environment. This is true on a personal, communal and global basis. I must confess that despite what I believe and know from experience, my home office space has been in disarray for a while. Although I “tolerated” it for far too long and committed calendar time to release clutter, I allowed myself to become distracted by other people’s agendas.

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To restore order and organization to my office space, I decided to prioritize and commit time, as in specific hours per day, per week, per month to declutter and organize until the space was clean, orderly, and calm! However, what ultimately worked was devoting entire days to remove excess stuff, re-establish my “prosperity” corner, toss junk, file loose papers, and clean up!

  • How does your living space look and feel today?
  • Are you joyful and productive in your living/working space?
  • What could improve your home or work environment so that you feel content, energized, and uplifted?

Let me share ‘modified’ tips from my book published in 2013, Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women

“BodyMindSpirit health and well-being embrace the whole person in a relationship to and in interaction with your environment. While releasing limiting beliefs, stifling behaviors, and toxic relationships, and making choices to create deeper serenity and healthier lifestyles, it is essential that your environment at home and work reflects and supports your healthier habits. 

One of the most challenging yet rewarding ways to establish and maintain a stress-free environment is to simplify. Simplifying your environment involves de-cluttering, and letting go of items that are no longer suitable or useful. 

Eliminating excess may feel stressful because of the emotional attachment to certain possessions. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the decluttering process, get help from a reliable, honest friend or a professional organizer.

Take small steps weekly. Begin with one section of a room within a designated timeframe. Bring your decluttering actions to completion, one step and one section at a time.

Once items were no longer suitable are sold, donated, or tossed, get clear about what to keep and why. Then consider investing in shelves, racks, dividers, or other products to organize the useful possessions.

More than time, this process to simplify your environment takes discipline, discernment, and diligence. However, have fun with it, by sharing stories about items, celebrating progress, and acknowledging or treating yourself.

A good self-care practice at this point is to establish a maintenance system of regular cleaning and purging, to avoid a build-up of clutter and maintain a stress-free, simple and orderly environment. A customary practice is to release two things each time you purchase or acquire something new.

Also, take photos of things that have been released, and now treasure them in a new form! 

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