Creating Balance During Fiercely Changing Times

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Evolution, Inspire, Lifestyle

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn Season has begun. It’s my second favorite season highlighting nature’s profound, stunning changes. Seeds of intention were planted at the start of the year, and cultivated during the Spring. Some of us enjoyed succulent Summer Fruits, while others look forward to the Autumn Harvest.

Autumn is also a season of letting go

Autumn is also a season of letting go. In the same way that trees begin to change, creating an awesome array of colorful foliage that eventually falls…red, gold, orange, yellow maple, and oak leaves carpeting the earth, people must also let go. 

Reflecting on this quickly passing year:
  • What intentions have borne fruit, providing joy and satisfaction in your life, family, business, or community?
  • In what ways have adjustments been made to the unexpected and to the surprises or losses?
  • How is letting go affecting your mind and heart; particularly releasing those people or things that do not serve, nurture or fulfill your spirit?

Change is essential for growth. To grow, learn to go with the flow, allowing the lessons along the way to strengthen us. No matter the season or weather of our daily lives, swaying, climbing, diving, bending…losing a branch or two in the winds of change, know that new growth is taking place. 

Take a few moments to reflect on:
  • this change of season or season of change in your life,
  • letting go of something/someone to allow space for new growth,
  • celebrating the harvest of your heart’s desires…

Balancing Actions

Although the Autumn Equinox has officially passed, it’s still important to acknowledge the balance between the feminine and masculine, the sun and moon, movement and stillness…

Therefore, make these 5 Self-Care & Soul Care practices a priority:

  1. Maintain alignment, balance, and coherence in BodyMindSpiritSoul through daily exercise, sound nutrition, and ample rest.
  1. Ensure that your external environment supports healthy boundaries by maintaining order and organization.
  1. Take regular refresh breaks away from your computer to move your body, breathe fresh air outdoors and get a different perspective. Expect to be more clear-headed and more productive taking refresh breaks to renew yourself.
  1. Learn when and how to say, “No,” “No thank you,” or “No, I prefer another time” without guilt, shame or apology.
  1. Be clear about who’s responsible to do what and when. Know what’s yours to do and stay in your lane. Be responsible to complete your job or task and model healthy boundaries. 
  1. Decide when it’s appropriate to collaborate or work on a task or project collectively. 

Remember, when taking care of ourselves first and modeling healthy boundaries, we’re better aligned, balanced, and focused, enabling us to serve and share our gifts with the world from an ever-flowing wellspring of optimal BodyMindSpiritSoul health and wholeness.

Enjoy this season aligned, balanced, and centered!    

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