What Is This “Dark Night of the Soul” Teaching You?

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Beginning the 2nd half of 2020 is an appropriate time to reflect, re-evaluate, reset and revision. I’m choosing to begin the process in gratitude—gratitude for good health, shelter with adequate provisions and peace of mind.

I’m grateful for:

  • ongoing connection and communication with family and friends,
  • camaraderie and support of business, spiritual and women’s communities,
  • opportunities to learn/develop new technological and business skills,
  • creativity of arts, business, civic, cultural, and spiritual groups that have transformed their historically “live” events to virtual ones, enabling more people to participate,
  • capacity to financially support racial, social, economic and environmental justice organizations
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Being grateful in no way ignores or undermines the systemic and structural inequities with which we’re individually and collectively grappling…and transforming. It’s simply acknowledging my blessings and encouraging you to affirm your own. 

  • For what are you most grateful at this time?
  • In what ways are you adapting, contributing, growing?

“Be Grateful For the:
Wins! Challenges! Lessons! Struggles! Possibilities! Setbacks! Milestones! Successes!
Be Grateful for All that You Are, Do and Have! Count Your Blessings Every Day!
Be Willing to Share the Bounty with Gratitude and Joy!” – Harriet Tubman Wright

As this is a potent time to reflect, re-evaluate, reset and revision:

  • In what ways can you continue to let go mentally or materially?
  • How are you releasing what’s no longer working in your life?
  • To what extent are you re-evaluating your relationship with certain people or possessions? 

 I spend far too much time seated at my laptop indoors. Therefore, I’m:

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  1. Renewing hatha yoga stretches and working with weights to tone up!
  2. Starting an on-line aerobics practice 3 days/week!
  3. Maintaining order in my workspace, which means filing AND purging!
  4. Re-establishing quality time in nature time 2-3 times/week!
  5. Releasing “stuff” to make “space”, before taking on anything new!

Why am I sharing? For accountability and more importantly, to request that you share your “stay healthy” practices, so that we can mutually support one another, share helpful resources and stay connected!

“Know that you are divinely and lovingly guided through all inner and outer challenges. Allow your thoughts, words and actions to bring forth health and wholeness in your life and in the world. Be at peace with your soul and be a peaceful presence in and to the world.” – Harriet Tubman Wright

Another Resource: Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women


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