February was Too Full and Too Short! What Say You?

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Evolution, Health, Inspire

Family, Friends, Clients, and Subscribers,

After a lengthy absence from sharing articles, feeling over-extended and pulled in too many different directions, I now greet you as the changing weather harkens to more sobering surprises and shifts.

  • Are you ready for what’s coming on the horizon?
  • How are you faring thus far in 2024?
  • In what ways is life challenging or changing you?
Moving Forward Cautiously or Courageously or…?

Without a doubt, life feels like it is moving forward more rapidly and erratically! Stepping up your Self-Care Practices is highly recommended!

  • Pray, Meditate, Chant morning and/or evening,
  • Play or listen to jazz or classical music,
  • Practice tai-chi, hatha yoga or qigong,
  • Relax with a bubble bath soak or hot tub,
  • Treat yourself to therapeutic massage,
  • Enjoy a nature walk on the beach, hillside, in forest.

At one time, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” by Bobby McFerrin was popular. Now it’s said, “Balance must be created when taking in news media, not allowing ourselves to BECOME the bad news.” Or, commit to a “News Fast!” That would be revolutionary and life-changing! Rest assured, if the issue or incident is that important, you will be informed through multiple channels. To reduce the chances of addictive news syndrome, just be selective. Seek inspiring, informative, uplifting, transformative outlets.

What Self-Care Practice are you willing to implement now or beginning the first week of March?

Invite a family member, friend, or colleague to join you! To support you and reinforce your commitment to self-care practices, download this complimentary gift: https://thewrightresort.com/free-self-care-inventory/

My eating habits have shifted many times during 74 + years, living in many different areas of the world. Currently I’m primarily vegetarian, eating organic, fresh and frozen foods, Mexican, Chinese and Ethiopian foods, plus gluten-free!  I’m grateful for affordable health care and coverage!

  • How do you identify your primary diet?
  • In what ways are you supported to maintain an appropriate diet for optimal health based on your lifestyle?
  • From what sources do you glean information about what’s best for your body type, age and lifestyle?
Intentions and Commitments

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re quickly approaching several significant Holy Days; Ramadan, Easter, plus Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition, time seems to be speeding up. Therefore, it feels essential to make the most of each day, and that includes naps!

I look forward to being connected with you on a more consistent basis. I encourage you to schedule a Soul Guidance Session with me before life becomes more demanding. Discover new opportunities, explore your dreams and solve challenges with deeper insight.  Schedule our time together here:  https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TWRUM8

Remember to Make FUN a priority!