Harriet Tubman Wright Full Bio

“A soul awakening is moving from what you used to be to who you’re supposed to be.

Let the light of your soul shine and awaken others!”

~ Harriet Tubman Wright


Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA is a life-long learner, spiritual sojourner and cultural creative. She lives her values of freedom, justice, peace, wholeness, creativity, community and service through liberating engagement with others.

Harriet guides spiritual women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers to fulfill their Soul’s Calling, so they can live healthy, purposeful, and prosperous lives. She leads them to express their true essence and share their soul-aligned gifts to transform communities, businesses, and organizations. She believes that we must use our innate power as conscious, spirited, creative women to help heal humanity and the planet. In doing so, we co-create a new paradigm of Feminine Presence and Legacy of Conscious Social Change.

Harriet is an accomplished Speaker/Storyteller, Published Author/Poet,
Person-Centered Expressive Arts Facilitator, Metaphysician, Ritual Artist, Initiated Elder and Priestess. She engages business, professional and cultural groups with dynamic, interactive talks on Feminine Leadership, Soul Power, and Holistic Health inspiring audiences to undertake a vitalizing change in their lives, organizations and businesses.

At a young age, she joined Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church in Oakland, Ca. Her Spiritual Journey was enriched with teachings and practices of Siddha Yoga (Swami Baba Muktananda); graduate studies in Culture and Creation Spirituality (Matthew Fox, Ph.D.); Religious Science (Rev. Elouise D. Oliver); Ritual Healing (Malidoma Somé and Sobonfu Somé of Burkina Faso, W. Africa); Conscious Evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard); Kabbalistic Studies & Afrikan – Rooted Spirituality (Will Coleman, Ph.D.)

Harriet has been actively involved with women’s empowerment for most of her adult life, since the 70’s and more definitively for the past 13 years as Founding Director of The Wright Resort.

  • Managed Black Women’s Unit, University YWCA, Berkeley, 1975-1979
  • Researched/reported information from Commission on the Status of Women, 1976-1977
  • Studied Market Women of West Africa contrasted with the Roles of Black Women in America, during Educators to Africa Tour of West Africa, 1977
  • Participated in World YWCA Conference in Athens, Greece, 1979
  • Participated in UN Decade for Women in Nairobi, Kenya, 1985
  • Worked with Women’s Income-Generating Projects in Zimbabwe, 1985
  • Authored Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity: A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women, 2013
  • Joined HOW WOMEN LEAD as Global Advisor for the Women Leaders of the World (WLW) Program, 2018 – 2019 

Education & Training 

  • Graduate, Oakland Public Schools
  • BA, Philosophy, Howard University in Washington, DC
  • MS, Counseling, Cal State Hayward
  • MA, Culture & Creation Spirituality, Holy Names College, Oakland, CA  
  • Certificate, Person-Centered Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change, an innovative program founded by Natalie Rogers, Ph.D., REAT, Saybrook Graduate School
  • Certified Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coach, Kendall Summerhawk, IAWBC
  • Competent Communicator, Advanced Communicator Bronze, Competent Leader, Toastmasters International
  • Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution, The SHIFT Network
  • Graduate, Thriving Speaker Platinum Program, Caterina Rando
  • Graduate, Rock Star Story-Telling Program, Vicki Dello Joio


Harriet lives her commitment to service that empowers and uplifts others. For over 45 years, she helped thousands of people improve the quality of their lives while working in community-based organizations, educational institutions, and the public sector in the US, and international agencies in West and East Africa. 

City of Oakland; Oakland Museum of California, Parks, and Recreation, Cultural Arts, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Services. In each department, Harriet was innovative, organized, respected, proficient, and insightful while managing programs to enrich Oakland residents, earning the reputation of Seasoned Professional.


Harriet launched The Wright Business, Ltd. Events with Spirit, an event planning, promotion and production business.  With her artistry, professionalism and appreciation for creative expression, coupled with her innate capacity to vision the larger intent and pay attention to the details earned her a stellar reputation transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. 

For several years Harriet pursued her dream to create The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center; starting in 2006 to convene Healing Salons serving primarily Black women. After retiring from the City of Oakland in early 2008, she transitioned to full-time operations gradually expanding services of The Wright Resort to include VIP Coaching, Public Speaking, Tele-Seminars, Empowerment Salons, and Spa Days. 

The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success, is now dedicated to (R)evolutionary Feminine Leadership to heal people and the planet. Empowering Guidance and VIP Intensives to fulfill your Soul’s Calling and prosper spiritually and financially. Women’s Leadership Programs, Salons, and Mastermind Circles are provided to cultivate (R)evolutionary Leadership capacity and skills to transform businesses, organizations, and communities.

Women with whom she’s worked have risked new livelihood possibilities and flourished; shifted lack and limitation thinking to a bountiful blessing mindset and prospered; incorporated stress release and self-care practices that have enhanced their BodyMindSpirit well-being and thrived. These mature women have been uplifted and resourced, developing clarity about their Soul’s Call-to-Action and their unique gifts to transform clients, organizations, businesses, communities, and the world.


Harriet holds membership in East Bay Women’s Network (EBWN), Thriving Women in Business Community (TWIBC), Evolutionary Business Council and Black Women Stirring the Waters (BWSTW). She joined WorldWideWomen BuyFromWomen™ and was placed on the Spirited Woman Top 12 Pick List. She is a Charter Member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWBC), and a graduate of Leadership Oakland, a program of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Oakland Rotary, as well as Women’s Initiative for Self – Employment and Optimum Health Institute. She is currently affiliated with HOW WOMEN LEAD. 

Community Connections

Harriet generously shares her skills and talents in a range of community engagement activities.

  • Member, Sacred Activism Ministry, East Bay Church, A Center for Spiritual Living
  • Initiated Elder, The Village, a multi-racial San Francisco Bay Area group of individuals committed to sharing the ritual healing wisdom of West Africa
  • Health Conductor #95of the Bay Area Black United Fund (BABUF) Initiative to address health disparities in the African American community.
  • Former Member East Bay Church of Religious Science (EBCRS) Board of Trustees, active with the Health & Wellness Ministry.  In 2010, she was recognized as the sacred Service Champion.
  • Former Member Graduate Leadership Council of Women’s Initiative and University YWCA Board in Berkeley, CA.

Harriet has worked and traveled extensively in Africa and enjoyed quality time in Canada, the Caribbean and Central America, Europe, Hong Kong, and India, appreciating the rich tapestry of cultural and spiritual diversity. She enjoys altar-making & creative writing, exotic meals & nature walks, visual & performing arts, quality time at resorts & spas, and fun adventures with friends. 

Harriet’s son, Ed Wright, is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a BA Degree in Social Welfare and an M.Ed. He completed an outstanding collegiate career as an NCAA All American High Jumper and is currently an Academic Advisor at UC Berkeley.

Personal, Spiritual and Business Priorities 2021 and Beyond 

Given irreparable breakdowns in every sector of society, it is now time for  (r)evolutionary women’s leadership, the re-emergence of the divine feminine qualities  of birthing, nurturing, tending, cultivating with values of authenticity and equity;  practices of co-creativity, cooperation, collaboration and community; a shared vision of  relationship building, sustainability and justice for the highest good of the whole.  

Therefore, new paradigms of leadership, engagement and community are called for.  As spirited, socially conscious women (with conscious men), we have the opportunity  and the responsibility to co-create new models of partnership and leadership that are life-affirming, equitable and inclusive; that is 1) power with, not power over and 2)  people and the planet over profits. We have the capacity to take on soul-filled and  soul-fueled positions of leadership, influence and advocacy in our communities,  businesses, workplaces, corporate and non-profit sector, and local, state or national  government to consciously restore balance, harmony and peace throughout the world!  

“We are on this earth to remember and fulfill a divine purpose. We begin by knowing  who we are, unique expressions of the Divine, created in its image and likeness. As we  remember who we are, we can confidently and joyfully do what we are here to do. Who  we are and what we do are therefore in harmony and alignment with the Creator’s  vision of the highest and best in, through and as us.”

– Harriet Tubman Wright