For What Are You Grateful in 2020?

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Inspire, Lifestyle

This is the harvest season.  Some of us are reaping the fruits of our efforts. Seeds that were planted at the beginning of the year, or maybe several years ago are producing.  What are your seeds producing?

You’ve either nurtured the seeds or you have neglected them.

Contemplate your current results:

  • How did you nurture, tend or cultivate the soil in which you planted the seed?
  • Did the seed you planted yield the harvest you expected?
  • Is there something different that is required now to reap your reward?

Formulate your gratitude list, regardless of your results. For what are you grateful?

  • Count the blessings of your lessons
  • Demonstrate appreciation and share your bounty
  • In what other ways can you demonstrate gratitude, (rather than regret)

Activate your action plan to manifest the results you do want, if you’re ready to:

  • Produce a different result
  • Release the resistance and excuses
  • Breakthrough your self-imposed barriers
  • Transform victimhood mindset to victory consciousness
  • Flourish rather than flounder; thrive rather than just survive

Challenges of 2020

COVID-19 has impacted the entire world, and no individual anywhere has been unaffected. The Pandemic, successive and growing death count; the murder of George Floyd and demise of other Black People by police brutality, subsequent global protests and demonstrations; voter suppression, registration and actual voting results in the U.S. have generated fear, anger, uncertainty, as well as hope, relief and community on a new level. The “Light” has been shown on the costs and consequences of systemic and institutional racism, impacting health, education, housing, economics, finances, work, etc.

Nonetheless, if you choose to focus on gratitude, you could say that I:

  • learned how to use ZOOM and was thereby able to participate in a range of local and global events, including “meeting” with family and friends,
  • exercised with others virtually, thereby getting/staying in shape,
  • worked at home, avoiding the stress of a long commute,
  • planted an herb, vegetable, container or vertical garden,
  • organized classes for children with other parents,
  • volunteered and given back in new ways,
  • resurrected a hobby…

What Else? Please create your own list now!

During the last half of the year, I was faced with unexpected health challenges that not only surprised me, but really slowed me down. However, every day, I give thanks for an excellent health care plan! As well as skilled, nurturing, trustworthy health care practitioners; in western, eastern and alternative modalities!

Moreover, I participated in 3 significant business training opportunities that have enabled me to joint venture, partner and collaborate with like-hearted entrepreneurs. This has been an enriching experience! Also I’m currently updating and upgrading my website, so that it will be even more engaging, revelatory and beautiful by mid-December!

Since All Saints Day and All Souls Day, I’ve been focusing on my Ancestors via a most beautiful altar and several ongoing rituals. This has been most revealing and healing. I’ll maintain the focused Ancestor Reverence through Kwanzaa. Also, I’m finally publishing my 3rd Poetry Book, ALWAYS LOVE, expecting it to be available for sale during the holidays! It’s a spiritual sizzler!

Winding Up the Year

In approximately a month, we’ll be welcoming in 2021 and The Age of Aquarius! 

  • What does this mean for you?
  • Are there projects you want to complete by years end?
  • Do you still need to release emotional and physical “stuff”?
  • Have you reflected on how you want to show up in 2021?

I’d be happy to support you with your contemplation, formulation and activation. Schedule a complementary GUIDANCE session with me at:

Enjoy Your Holiday! Stay Safe and Healthy! Please Comment Below and Share This Article…Peace and Blessings!