2022 Leadership for Liberation

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Inspire, Lifestyle, Women

In a former presentation: Harriet Tubman: 21st Century Leadership for Liberation, I shared historical highlights of Harriet Tubman’s contributions to the freedom of enslaved people. The intention was to identify the qualities, strategies, and alliances that Harriet Tubman utilized in the mid-1800s, then explore how these qualities could inform our vision, commitment and leadership today to help liberate ourselves and those that we choose to serve.

Although no longer physically enslaved*, some women and people of color are mentally and emotionally enslaved. For example, some women and/or people of color may:

  • Demonstrate low self-esteem and self-worth,
  • Hide out, hold themselves back and play small,
  • Settle for mediocrity and status quo because its familiar,
  • Give up or give in, rather than going all out for what is most desired,
  • Let false, limiting beliefs lead to victimhood status,
  • Allow other people’s agendas or insecurities stifle innate creativity,
  • Be unable to believe in or trust themselves,
  • Refuse to accept what is most highly desired in life,
  • Fail to love themselves enough to adopt healthy lifestyles,
  • Feel unable or unwilling to create prosperous lives,
    and more….
  • Given these realities, what is your responsibility as an entrepreneur, activist, change agent, manager, caretaker and wise elder?
  • How does one adopt qualities, strategies and alliances as Harriet Tubman did to free oneself and those one chooses to serve from the mental and emotional enslavement that negates a true legacy of greatness?
  • What are you committed to do differently, to step into your greatness and stand in your power?

Women and people of color are enslaved by human trafficking, unpaid labor…

“Women of every color, ethnicity, cultural, spiritual, social and educational background around the world are evolving as leaders, visionaries and agents of change to restore balance, peace and justice to evolve humanity and the world.”

– Harriet Tubman Wright

It’s now time to liberate ourselves and others, utilizing Harriet Tubman as a model of one whose faith and vision of freedom was far greater than any fear. To pursue the questions above and Leadership for Liberation, consider enrolling in the upcoming class, Activating Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership, beginning Thursday, March 24 – April 28. To learn more, schedule a complimentary Liberation Journey session with me at: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TWRUM8

Harriet Tubman Celebrated
Harriet Tubman died on March 10, 1913. Therefore, she is being recognized. Learn more:




“The most essential and fulfilling contribution you can make is to live your purpose, share your passion and partner with like-hearted change agents to help consciously transform the world.”

– Harriet Tubman Wright