Soul Care Altars

Soul Care Altars


An altar is a visual and tangible center of focus that grounds, uplifts and transforms energy.  Creating your own customized altar shifts your energy and your environment.  Align yourself with what’s most important in your life, beginning with the soul essence of you, and begin anew in your life today!

Create an altar for a life opportunity that you want to focus on such as:

  • Renewing and honoring your feminine energy
  • Building or healing a relationship
  • Creating greater prosperity
  • Making a career transition
  • Starting or expanding your own business
  • Honoring your ancestors


The process and outcome of creating an altar is a tangible expression of spirituality, creativity, and ritual coupled with purpose, intention, and manifestation. Creating an altar with clear intention and purpose focuses you to consciously attune to and manifest what you desire in life. Spending time meditating or praying at your altar energizes you so that you sustain momentum to attract the guidance and magnetize the resources to fulfill your desires and dreams.

With Harriet’s expert guidance and direction, I created the perfect altar for myself…a place to connect with the Divine and focus on my purpose of bringing peace and tranquility into my life.  The results were amazing!

The sacred space continues to help me stay grounded and gain peaceful perspective when day-to-day stresses get me off-balance and out of sorts.

Thanks Harriet for encouraging me to create this incredible healing space.”

Glinda Bridgforth, Internationally Recognized Financial Expert and Author


Installing an altar for a public event transforms the environment, creating a focal point to reinforce the theme or complement the purpose of the event. 

Health Symposium

Outdoor Wedding

“I knew Harriet Tubman Wright was THE person to ask to create an altar and stage setting for OneLife Institute’s special World Peace Day event with Alice Walker and South Africa based sacred music duo, Desert Rose. With grace and love she put together something more beautiful than I could have imagined — perfect for the setting and the event. It was elegant, harmonious, and unique. A lot like Harriet herself! We could not be more grateful!”

– Rev. Liza Rankow, Founder, OneLife Institute

“I commend you on the beautiful, yet sacred altar offering you created for Alice Walker’s production last week. As soon as I saw what it was (the altar), I recognized your touch which represented the essence of spirituality, quiet repose, and sincerity.   COMMENDATIONS!” 

- Jacqueline B. Hairston, Composer, Arranger, Vocal Coach

“The altar you designed is gorgeous in its sparkle, light, and simplicity. The fabrics are so special! I love how the altar is front and center as the backdrop for the event! Congratulations!” 
– Jeannie Guillot, Your Dream Stream

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