Moving Forward Collectively on the Path to Freedom…

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Evolution, Inspire, Lifestyle

New Year, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and Ash Wednesday Greetings!

I’m excited to connect again, in writing and on video, to amplify and deepen our way of being with one another this Year of the Rabbit! The Rabbit symbolizes positivity, longevity, deftness, cleverness, cautiousness, and self-protection.

  • In what way can you expand those qualities in your life and work to practice self-care, soul care, community care, and mutual care?
  • How can you embrace and experience those qualities?
  • What quality of care might you develop more strongly?

2023 Thus Far…

The New Year has been extremely full. Therefore, Self-Care is fundamental and essential. Self-Care is the mindset of, “I love myself enough to take care of myself first.” Self-Care is BodyMindSpiritSoul alignment, balance, and coherence that enables one to minimize or manage stress. When renewed and refreshed, one is better able to serve and support others from a wellspring of vigor and vitality.

Daily BodyMindSpiritSoul Practices. Renew your efforts at a nearby gym, or secure an Accountability Partner with whom to maintain Self-Care practices at home or in your neighborhood:

Daily BodyMindSpiritSoul Practices
  • Exercise regularly; neighborhood or nature walks; bicycling at the gym or on a scenic bike trail; swimming in or outdoors; golfing; playing tennis or pickle ball; zumba or line-dancing, or my favorite hula-hooping! I guarantee you’ll be laughing whether you keep the hoop moving around your waist or not! Also, consider a form of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, as well as Tai Chi or Qigong,
  • Remember to include a mani-pedi, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, or quality time at the spa…because it’s also a significant Self-Care Practice!

Please let me know how you’re doing to re-establish or refresh Self-Care Practices…I’ll share additional Stress Release, Self-Care, and Soul Care Practices in the next article…

Another Communication Effort…

Some know that I recently joined Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp, a 3-month Intensive with Nancy Juetten, from February 7 – April 25. It’s called Boot Camp for a good reason, because participants are expected to schedule a minimum of 12 Podcast shows to share their expertise! I have already booked two podcast shows and am engaging with entrepreneurs around the world to share our messages, expertise, and opportunities and explore Joint Venture Partnerships. The primary reason I’m making the investment is to communicate to new/different audiences of mature spiritual women who are stressed and frustrated doing unfulfilling work and guide them to express their true essence and share their soul-aligned gifts. In this way, they can live healthy, purposeful, prosperous lives, doing what they most love to serve others! Ultimately, it’s planting seeds to cultivate Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership to transform businesses, organizations, and communities and help heal our world! I welcome your suggestions or referrals and will keep you posted!

  • How do you want to share your message or cause more widely?
  • In what ways are you improving your communication with family, friends, or colleagues?
  • Where do you want to share your important message or service in technology, visual/performing arts, education, and local government?

Let’s connect to discuss these questions and others, especially if you are seeking guidance and direction for your next steps. Select one of the following complimentary services: GUIDANCE, LIBERATION JOURNEY SESSION, OR COLLABORATION EXPLORATION, and schedule time to chat at:

Now is a very conducive time for intention-setting, creativity, and supportive connections. Be, Do, and Have all that you desire and want to share!

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”

—Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut