Moving Through Changing Times…

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Evolution, Inspire, Lifestyle

Times are a changing; too slowly for those who have been marginalized and too quickly for those clinging to the status quo. However, change is deepening, accelerating and intensifying. “Shocks” to our humanity and our environment are unsettling. Yet many people have become “woke”, and are willing to reflect on their beliefs, values and behaviors, while others remain in a state of denial and resistance.

Moving through my Birthday Celebration month has been “interesting.” It seems that regardless of “plans” I’m contending with “surprises” every day. This means an abrupt “change of plans.” Admittedly, this causes some stress. However, I allow myself a brief period of “feeling the funk”, then move on…open to other possibilities, new adventures. 

  • How are you moving through this ‘season’ of change?
  • In what specific ways are you welcoming or resisting change?
  • What do you most want to change?

Responding To or Coping With Change 

Besides the ways that you pray, chant or meditate, spending quality time in nature is essential to restore your sense of balance, wonder and appreciation. I have found that when I’m at the ocean, I’m rejuvenated as the waves carry my worries away. If I’m in the forest, the wisdom of the trees renews me.

For some of you, communing with Mother Earth through gardening helps restore a sense of peace, whether it’s cultivating plants, flowers or food.  

  • Do you take time to revel in nature? 
  • When were you recently at the ocean, a lake or waterfall?
  • Where is your favorite nature environment?
  • What is most refreshing for you?

Earth Day 2021 is being celebrated April 20 – 22. The theme is Restore Our Earth™. Learn more at:

I like this theme! Given where you live, is there a need to:

  • Restore your sense of community?
  • Renew activity at your school or on your campus?
  • Reactivate your workplace or business?

Change is indeed a matter of perspective. You have the capacity and responsibility to co-create the change, transformation or revolution that you want. I consciously align with my deepest values of freedom, justice and peace from a heart space knowing that:

  • Love is the Answer.
  • We are one with the Creator.
  • Everything comes together for Good.

“Creators of WORLDS are not trying to fix problems. 
Creators of worlds identify what is not wanted for a split second, 
and then imagine and feel what is wanted for eternity.”

 – Abraham Hicks, The Law of Attraction

I’d love to explore these themes more deeply with you because not only are we responding to change, we are also co-creating change. You and I have the power to co-create what we want. We are creators of our lives and creators of our worlds. Schedule a time to chat with me:

You’re Invited!

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Mother Earth Peace and Blessings to You and Yours…