Beginning the New Year: From Attachment…To Attunement

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Inspire, Lifestyle

“Every moment contains the seed of a new beginning.”

DAILY WORD, January 2022, Page 23

We’re not only beginning a new year, 
humanity is moving through a birth canal to be born anew! 
-Harriet Tubman Wright

Typically, at the beginning of a New Year, we make resolutions, set goals, make pledges and commitments, with varying degrees of success fulfilling them. I’m committed to release judgment, attachment to outcome, and material excess. I have converted these commitments into quarterly goals, making steady progress thus far.

  • What commitments are you making for 2022?
  • How have you established goals?
  • In what ways are you being held accountable and by whom?

Given the degree and depth of personal, community, and worldwide losses, grief is tangible, with healthy and less-than-healthy ways of coping. Therefore, to be free from attachment means releasing the physical presence, but not the memories and stories, of a family member, friend, colleague, or public figure. However, our feelings are palpable and must be expressed. Seeking support and guidance from a trusted source can be helpful, as well as rituals that keep the “spirit” of a loved one alive.

What commitments are you making for 2022

If and when we release attachment to that which keeps us stuck, small, struggling, such as negative thoughts, unhealthy habits, or counterproductive behaviors, we are freed to attune. What does this mean? Attunement means unity, accord, balance, coherence, integrity, stasis!

For me to attune is to: 

  1. Uplift my consciousness through affirmative prayer, connect with my Prayer Partner or a Practitioner, utilize the UNITY Prayer Ministry,
  2. Be focused, discerning, disciplined, flexible and patient to realize my commitments and dreams,
  1. Maintain healthy boundaries by forthrightly saying, “No”, “No, thank you”, “No, not at this time”, reminding the person that “NO” is a full sentence! 
  1. Trust and value my instincts, my inner voice,
  1. Explore viable options and alternatives to perceived challenges with guidance and support,
  1. Take time out and time off to relax, regroup, recharge.

Attune Now!

  • What does attunement mean to you?
  • How does it look and feel in your life? your work? 
  • When would you know that you’re in attunement?
Attune Now!

If you’d like to explore what it means to be in attunement in your life, business or career, schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation with me at:

“Negative thoughts limit and burden us, zapping us of our natural energy. 
As we let go of thoughts and things that keep us stuck and struggling, 
become refreshed and revitalized, empowered to experience 
greater growth, the greater good, and more joy!”

-Harriet Tubman Wright