Our Essential Work is to Stay WOKE!

by | May 18, 2021 | Inspire

A swarm of ideas and emotions swirling…Is there a safe? peaceful? relevant? place to land?

Time is moving quickly, but “progress” and “transformation” are not happening at the pace many activists in the movements would like.

  • How are you handling the internal and external challenges that you’re encountering?
  • What would you like to see, feel, or do differently?
  • In what ways are you content with what’s happening or not happening?
  • What experiences or events have caused you to change your thinking or re-consider your actions (or inactions)?
  • How would you describe your ideal life?

Moving Toward Mid-Year…

Justice and Peace have always been values for me. Given blatant, blasphemous, bigoted activities in 2020, and those that continue this year, as well as my experiences and those of other women and people of color in this country, I fervently stand for social, economic and environmental justice; take a knee for racial justice and raise two hands for global peace. It’s time for all people of moral consciousness, spiritual maturity and emotional resilience to take back our power!

I choose to keep my faith strong, hope alive and commitment deep, as well as continue to cultivate and share my vision of a world that values:

  • balance between the divine feminine and the sacred masculine that leads to harmony and wholeness.
  • conscious, spiritual and planetary evolution
  • gifts of diversity & indigenous wisdom 
  • reverence for Mother Earth and harmony with nature
  • equitable distribution & responsible use of resources
  • community, connection and contributions of children and elders
  • freedom of expression & creative genius
  • people over profits, education over incarceration, cooperation over exploitation
  • just governance for the good of the whole & peace

This list above may sound or feel lofty. What does this translate into on practical terms? Let’s begin with the foundation of Self Care Principles and Practices!

5 Self-Care Principles 

  • Implement daily BodyMindSpirit practices such as regular exercise, sound nutrition and proper rest,
  • Cultivate positive beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, words and behaviors that create healthy, empowering results in your life,
  • Maintain healthy boundaries by learning when and how to say “No”, “No, thank you,” or “No, not at this time,” without guilt, shame or apology,
  • Take “time-out” for pampering, play and quality time in nature,
  • Celebrate wins, successes and achievements.

Stay tuned and mark your calendar for Thursday, June 10, 4pm (PDT) for a community dialogue session to explore Staying Woke and Acting Consciously on our (R)evolutionary Journey. Secondly, I encourage you to schedule a complimentary GUIDANCE SESSION with me to get better acquainted and explore how I might better serve, guide or lead you. https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TWRUM8

“The journey of self-discovery is not in seeking outer landscapes, but in expanding the inner terrain of self-awareness, self-care and self-love.” 

– Harriet Tubman Wright