Soul’s Call-to-Action Session

Your Soul’s Calling is who you were born to be and what you were born to do. If you believe that Social Change and Global Transformation is where you want to make a positive impact, schedule a Soul’s Call-to-Action Session. 

During a Soul’s Call-to-Action Session, you can expect to:

  • Develop greater clarity about your Soul’s Calling
  • Identify your soul-aligned gifts to empower others and help transform the world
  • Explore (r)evolutionary social change
  • Be motivated to lead others with Feminine Presence
  • Define what it feels like to take soul-aligned action now 

Result: Be more energized to be and do what your Soul most desires to transform your business, organization, community and the world.


“Women of every color, ethnicity, cultural, spiritual, social and educational background throughout the world are rising up as soul-filled and soul-fueled leaders, visionaries and agents of change to heal those they serve and help restore balance, peace and justice in the world.”

- Harriet Tubman Wright

Schedule your Soul’s Call-to-Action Session

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