What’s Love Got To Do With It? Part 1

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Inspire, Lifestyle

“Only love is a threat to the established order, for love really changes things.  Only love breaks all the way through.” – Marianne Williamson

Tina Turner’s hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” became a personal anthem for me at one momentous time in my life. I resonated with the beat, the words, the bodaciousness of it.

Fast forward to February 2022 and the re-frame that is most meaningful for me now is, “Love’s Got Everything To Do With It!”

As an Entrepreneur, Marketing and Sales are key to manifesting, serving and empowering the right and perfect clients. Therefore, the energy and vibration conveyed in and through the sales conversation is crucial. Thoughts and feelings such as.

‘Oh, I have to make this call, then another, and another….’

‘I really need to make this sell.’

‘I’ve got to make some more money now!’

Convey an energy of neediness, that stems from a lack & limitation mindset.  This neediness low vibration energy is toxic and repels any expression of growth such as more ideal clients or increased revenue.

Consider this approach:

‘I love serving others!’

‘I welcome this opportunity to be, give and do my highest and best!’

‘I’m blessed with the desire, skill, and talent to be/generate a positive transformation in this person’s life!’

This energy of serving, guiding, manifesting, and loving conveys a high energy vibration that is healthy. I feel positive energy and gratitude in these phrases. Conveyed with enthusiasm, non-attachment to the outcome, but rather appreciation for the opportunity to serve someone, attracts and manifests growth as more ideal clients, increasing revenue and new opportunities through which to transform people and the planet.

What’s Your Choice? 
  • Lack, Light or Love?
  • Love in your business, organization, or community?
  • Limitation or Liberation?

Engagement in “Sales Conversations” are a daily experience among friends, colleagues, clients, and customers. Seize the opportunity to express and experience more love and the fruits thereof in every human interaction.

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