When Everything is Changing

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Evolution, Inspire, Lifestyle

We are living in times of profound change within and outside us. The pace of change is rapidly accelerating as well. Whether we consider the changes good, bad, or ugly, unprecedented change is occurring right now!

We can’t stop it! The only thing we can do is to change our attitudes and feelings about change.

In his book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything, Neale Donald Walsch recommends Nine Changes That Can Change Everything. They are primarily mindset changes which he calls Mechanics of the Mind and spiritual change which he calls System of the Soul.  Mechanics of the Mind and System of the Soul are two handles of the same tool that we can use to embrace change in an empowering way.

Think about a change that’s occurring in your life now. How are you dealing with it? Are you:

  • sticking your head in the sand, hoping it will pass and go away?
  • fighting and resisting, trying to hold onto what’s familiar and secure for you?
  • in prayer and meditation about it?
  • paralyzed by overwhelm or confused about what you can do?

May I suggest something that may sound unbelievable, impractical, or just revolutionary and that is to change your idea about change itself? Consider for a moment the truth that All Change is for the better.  Let me repeat, All Change is for the better.  When we accept that all change is for the better and in fact that all change is for our own good, we can see that change is NOT a DISruption, but an eruption.  It is life erupting into fuller bloom.  We see that change is NOT a break in the flow, it IS the flow.  We see that change is NOT a shift in direction, it IS the direction itself in which all life moves.  We see that change is NOT an alteration in the condition and circumstance of our lives, it IS the condition and circumstance of our lives.

Have experienced something that you considered the worst thing that could possibly happen, as it was happening.  However, as time went by, you realized that it was indeed the best thing that ever happened to you.  Many of us have had that experience.

At the beginning of the year, I received notice to vacate the premises. Fortunately, a long-time friend offered temporary housing on a month-to-month rental basis. A new neighborhood with noise from people, trucks, BART, and a great sense of community. Now, I’m moving again where I was able to purchase near Oakland that is diverse, safe, quiet with a backyard that reminds me of living in Afrika.

Again, consider a change that you’re dealing with now.  What could you say to yourself that would support a new or different idea about change?

  1. Change is a natural and necessary part of the life cycle.
  2. Without change, nothing is living or growing.
  3. What does this change have to teach me?
  4. How can I embrace this change with a positive frame of mind and heart?
  5. In what way can I simply go with the flow?

The next time you are facing change in your life, rather than ignoring, resisting, or fighting it, remember that all change is for the better. All change is ultimately for your good. Adapting to, flowing with change is how we grow.  He or she who learns to change becomes the change and ultimately triumphs in life.  Accept, enjoy and embrace change.

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