Where Are Your Next Steps Leading You?

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Evolution, Inspire, Lifestyle

These are the best and worst of times, depending on your perspective and the experiences you create, based on your perspective. I relate to the deep loss, grief, anxiety and uncertainty that you may be feeling. I’m also hopeful because of the reckoning and awakening that’s also occurring!

I’ve chosen the path of personal and collective (r)evolution rather than personal and collective extinction. I accept the breakdown/collapse/destruction that we are experiencing in every sector of society, as an inevitable, necessary component of entering the next phase or cycle of our planetary journey. The old and that which no longer serves, supports or suits us (personally and collectively) must dissolve or be released, to make room for the new.

The “new” may be unfamiliar or unknown — which for some is frightening and unsettling. However, you and I are shifting into and cultivating a “new” paradigm. We have the capacity and potential to co-create new systems and structures founded in feminine principles of relationship and process, coherence and cooperation, collaborative leadership and a shared vision of community that values your gifts and a world of mutual respect, justice, peace and love.

In other words, you and I are coming through the birth canal…and the time for love, peace, justice with one another on Mother Earth is now!

In the midst of turmoil and turbulence, one strategy may be to “Be Still and Be Silent.”  You might be saying, “How can I do that? I can’t just sit here; saying nothing and doing nothing?”  Yet I ask:

  • What are you saying or doing that is helpful/positive/effective for yourself and those you love during these times of intense change?
  • How are you and your actions part of the solution?
  • In what specific ways are you contributing to our (r)evolution?

These are questions that I ask myself as well!

Rather than allow the stress of these times to dominate or debilitate you, take dominion and empower yourself to respond in a conscious, creative and compassionate manner, from a calm heart and clear head, a place of inner peace.

Furthermore, explore your own feelings and thoughts about our (r)evolution, particularly as it pertains to you and your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues.  Share your observations and insights with others. Take inspired action! Organize, strategize, magnetize, so that together we can make the conscious course correction that restores balance, harmony and wholeness personally and collectively. This is my choice and commitment…

“More than ever, the world needs you to demonstrate purpose, passion and power to heal and transform people, so that you, those you empower and the world flourish.”

– Harriet Tubman Wright

If you’re ready to move forward together, stay tuned for the next Community Dialogue Tele-Class, scheduled for Thursday, July 1.

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