Women’s (R)evolutionary Leadership Mavenmind

Mavenmind is the term that I use to describe a Mastermind exclusively for women. In this case it’s for individuals who have successfully completed the Women’s Revolutionary Leadership Program, (WRLP).

Therefore, Mavenmind will consist of 4-8 ‘graduates’ who will convene together under the guidance of Harriet Tubman Wright for 6 months. The primary purpose is for members to continue cultivating and activating their vision and mastery as leaders, visionaries, changemakers.


Members will:

  • Meet twice a month for 75-90 minutes for 6 months, 
  • Rotate the facilitator role,
  • Meet individually with Harriet 3 times for guidance and direction,
  • Develop their personal and professional leadership mastery,
  • Be held accountable for their intentions and commitments.

Members will engage in:

  • Visioning 
  • Creative Role-Playing
  • Sharing Practical Support
  • Brainstorming and Problem-Solving
  • Motivating, Encouraging and CheerleadingAppreciating New Beginnings As Seasons Change
  • Providing Intellectual and Emotional Support
  • Exchanging Knowledge and Resources 
  • Networking and Mentoring

Before the completion of Mavenmind, members will feel greater confidence and courage, sharing their talents, gifts and feminine leadership, transforming their businesses, organizations and communities! 

“Women of every color, ethnicity, cultural, spiritual, social and educational background around the world are evolving as leaders, visionaries and agents of change to restore balance, peace and justice to heal humanity and the planet.”
– Harriet Tubman Wright