Sankofa 2019 Highlights – 2020 Foresights

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New Year and New Decade Blessings to You and Yours,

Some of the most sobering aspects of 2019 were the escalation of worldwide disasters related to climate change; coalition-building for racial, gender, social and economic justice; ongoing political havoc by foolhardiness in the White House, and the growing number of friends who transitioned, consequently many celebration of life memorials and funerals. 

2019 Highlights & Reflections

  • Presenting “Healing Depression through Storytelling: A Black Woman’s Journey to Freedom” A Performance and Play-Shop at the International Expressive Arts Therapists Association Annual Conference
  • Hosting my 70th Birthday Party on April 6 with Family and Friends!
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  • Traveling throughout Egypt in July on the Kemet Nu: Know Thyself Educational Tour, Egypt from Cairo to Nubia!
  • Serving as a Global Advisor to Aimee Allison of SHE THE PEOPLE in the Women Leaders of the World program of HOW WOMEN LEAD
  • Volunteering with Hibiscus Commons to create an intentional residential community committed to environmentally and economically sustainable living and aging together
  • Enjoying Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, HAMILTON, Barbershop Chronicles, plus other cultural events and quality times in nature
  • Culminating 7 years of Spiritual Initiations and Ordinations 

2019 Memories

Already 2020 is unfolding as a series of highly intense experiences and energies in the collective. To cope and sustain equilibrium requires more inward focus. Therefore, I choose to begin this new decade with faith and gratitude, understanding that the “darkness of ignorance and evildoing” is the prelude for the Love and Light, Peace, Justice and Prosperity that will ultimately prevail. What are YOU choosing?

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  • To what are you most committed?
  • In what way(s) will you inspire and uplift others?
  • How will you celebrate your successes?

2020 Foresights & Projections

At the end of 2019 I participated in “Visioning” that illumined my deepest intentions for 2020 and beyond. My soul-aligned purpose is to love, lead and liberate those I serve. Therefore, I commit to:

  • Maintain consistent Self-Care and Soul-Care practices for BodyMindSpirit health and wholeness
  • Integrate 7 years of spiritual initiations and ordinations into the healing programs and services of The Wright Resort 
  • Grow my presence and influence through select speaking engagements, strategic social media and video enhancements to serve soul-aligned clients
  • Publish and promote my 3rd poetry book, ALWAYS LOVE 
  • Secure my own living space in the Oakland East Bay area and eliminate storage units
  • Travel to East Africa
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In this new decade, holding back or playing small is no longer acceptable! To move forward individually or collectively requires a willingness to elevate your commitment and capacity to be who you’re meant to be and do what you’re here to do; that is to live your passion and fulfill your soul’s purpose. 

If you lack clarity or confidence about stepping into your power, and want guidance, schedule a VIP Visioning Session with me at:

The session guides you to confidently step into your highest soul expression with creativity tools to excel in your mastery. It increases your capacity to heal and transform those with whom you work. And it helps facilitate your magnificent legacy. Schedule now!

“Feel the Cosmic Urge Propelling You Forward. Know that it is the Divine moving through your dreams and visions. It is your Soul saying YES, as your True Essence and Purpose are being revealed. Therefore, your dreams, talents, and gifts are the Divine expressing its Magnificence, Love and Light to, through and as you! ‘Be quiet and listen.’  ‘Be open and trust.’ ‘Be still and know.’ Then feel the Cosmic Urge Propelling You Forward.” – Harriet Tubman Wright

In closing, join me to shine your light and share your gifts to evolve people and the planet! And all the BEST and HIGHEST to you and yours!


  1. C. Aminah Grant - Huang


    Are you having a Birthday Party this Year?

    Before that I need to schedule with the VIP Visionary Session.


  2. Laurie Story Vela

    Salutations, Congratulations and Celebrations Harriet!
    Thank you for staying true and authentic, active and energetic
    and courageous in how you continue to align with the shine
    of your divine design! Power on!

    • Harriet Tubman Wright

      Thanks so much Laurie! Appreciating that you remain true to your soul, your charge, your mission. Shine On!

  3. Carol Lorraine

    Wonderful to hear all that you were engaged in last year! Truly an inspiration and living your vision! Keep on shining on Harriet! The world needs you and your leadership!


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