Harriet’s Articles

Freedom for Me, You, Us

Free from Turmoil, Free to Transform Time waits for no one! We are quickly approaching mid-year!  What are you choosing for yourself, family, business, organization, or spiritual center? Who and how are you currently being in your life? What is the most essential...

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Appreciating Awesome April 2022

Spring has sprung here in the Bay Area! Buds, Blooms, Blossoms Bursting, with an overall freshness after recent rains! It’s definitely the time for adventure, exploration, introspection, and renewal. It’s also the season of Ramadan, observed by Muslims worldwide as a...

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2022 Leadership for Liberation

In a former presentation: Harriet Tubman: 21st Century Leadership for Liberation, I shared historical highlights of Harriet Tubman’s contributions to the freedom of enslaved people. The intention was to identify the qualities, strategies, and alliances that Harriet...

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