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Master How You Maneuver Your Journey!

Change is the operative word for 2020; resistance to it, going with the flow or co-creating it.

What has been or is your experience with change?
Do you feel like you have been tossed and turned about?
Are you consciously creating the change you want to experience?

Metaphysical Tools

Although I’m not an astrologer, numerologist, psychic or feng shui expert, I am a spiritual sojourner and choose to use different tools for guidance. These tools give me a different perspective on what’s happening in the cosmos: the planets, seasons, moon positions, etc.

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How Are You Shifting Your Energy Within?

Around the world, individually and collectively, we are moving through deep transformation, for which I feel great hope and gratitude! To move through this cycle of transformation requires that we release the old that no longer serves to make space for the new! Rather...

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Light Always Follows Darkness

Humanity is transitioning on a global scale and life as we knew it will not ever be the same! During these challenging times, I acknowledge the loss of lives, relationships, jobs and ways of work, the sacrifices, inconveniences, grief and uncertainty. There is...

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